We provide reputation management services at DirectMac. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Reputation management refers to the efforts to influence what and how the person thinks of a brand or person when viewed online. Put it in another way, the character is who you are, and in this case, reputation refers to, who other people think you are. Nowadays it’s based mainly on what artificial intelligence systems portray about you rather than the first-person experience.

A variety knows reputation management of names –

1. Internet reputation management
2. Online reputation management (ORM)
3. Rep management
4. Brand perception

And, all these terms have the same goal, the goal is to shape public perception about a particular person or a business or a brand, in the followed article you will be surprised to get acknowledged about the control brands and individuals have over their reputation.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management also known as ORM, and it refers to techniques and strategies combined positively to influence the online perception of the business.

Some facets of online reputation management are –

  • Social media
  • Online community engagement
  • The search result of your business

What is Social Media Reputation Management?

Social media reputation management refers to eliminating harmful social media material about the brand to improve its name or standing, which includes the process of tracking and monitoring.

Social media reputation management helps you to strengthen the trust of your brand in customers and to build brands credibility to customers if done correctly.

Why Is Reputation Management Important?

Reasons that state the importance of reputation management as well as it would tell, why a brand or person should take reputation management seriously.

1. Better Search Engine Ranking

A huge impact can be created on SEO through online reviews. The only reason behind this is search engines follow algorithms, and the customers know it, and due to this, it places a lot of stress on the online reviews of the company when making a decision.

2. Increasing Customer Trust & Credibility

Pleasing the algorithm, it’s not all about that only. It’s also about how people identify a particular brand. Gaining the trust of new customers turns easy, with customers’ online reviews.

3. Higher Revenues

A brand can effectively convey reliability only when customers make use of a trust to differentiate a business from its competitors.

4. Professional Image

An important marketing tool for a company is, having a successful corporate image, and this convinces the potential customers to buy products or services.

Why does personal online reputation management matter?

  • 92% of all search engine traffic is a control or cleared by google.
  • The first page of google search attracts 95 % of traffic search.
  • The search engine result is viewed by 90% of the people, which form the impression of that brand.

So, you need to set what people want to see as and when they ‘Google’ you and they find pages filled with links that portray your company in the best possible manner and that reflect who you are and what you do. The business house might need a lot of time.

Why does personal online reputation management matter?

  • 92% of all search engine traffic is controlled or cleared by google.
  • The first page of google searches attracts 95 % of traffic search.
  • The search engine result is viewed by 90% of the people.

So, what companies want people to see when they Google your brand is a search results page filled with links that show you in the best possible light and reflect who you are and what you do.

6. When customers search for your brand on Google, they are going to see more everything than your website; they also might see a review from the other industry influencer, and also check out an article between you and your competitor, or some yelp reviews.
7. It’s a place where you can monitor or change your reputation online

Where Can You Monitor Your Online Reputation?

Here are some of the platforms you need to monitor as a business.

Social Media

With massive social media platforms and social media is home to millions or even we can tell millions of users. All the users can see as well as join in on the conversation so neglecting social media can not be an option.


Forums are like the older sibling of social media. Forums are a path that is a little bit different than the likes of Facebook or Twitter.

News Sites

Features from established newspapers/journals are one of the most important influencers, and they always play a double-edged sword.


Blogs these days get a lot of traffic as they have a large target market as well as they have established themselves as authorities that are within the communities.

Review Sites

Most people these days consider reviews before purchasing any product or patronizing any business. As your customers can weigh in on your business as well as go in detail about the experience they have with you in all these reviews are one of the most trusted sources of information that represents your brand.


Online reputation management is not at all about burying negative feedback or presenting any fake image of perfection to customers; it is an accurate, fair representation as well as giving you a chance to hold yourself accountable for your business mistakes.

Although options are available for customers if they want something more powerful, more professional, as well as more convenient, online reputation management systems are like a weave that does most of the heavy lifting for you and also helps you free so that you can run and grow your business in different aspects.