We’re not sure if Sharron’s no-nonsense approach to marketing came from her days of teaching elementary school or if they can be traced back even earlier in her life, but that approach to response marketing sure gets things done! 

“I love response marketing because it is truly at the fore-front of marketing,” states Sharron Fry, Director of Marketing for Redberry, one of Canada’s leading Burger King and Pizza Hut franchise owners. “You know immediately when something works or doesn’t work, and that allows us to be nimble and keeps us focused on RESULTS.”

Sharron is also a big fan of data. She believes it makes her a much more effective marketer. “Marketing is all about getting the right message to the right person at the right time,” she declares, “and when I first encountered marketing as a discipline, I knew data played a central role in effective marketing. Data-driven, results-focused effective marketing is the kind of marketing I am interested in doing.”

Her role at Redberry is perfect: Burger King and Pizza Hut national teams do all the brand advertising while Sharron focuses on extending the national promotions and driving sales through supplementary programs. She has often created successful campaigns that were picked up by the national franchisor because they worked so well. They created sales. “Isn’t that what effective marketing is supposed to do?” asks Sharron. Like we said, we love her no-nonsense approach.

As a marketer Sharron knows that your first loss is your best loss, so if something did not work, try something else. She is quick to own her mistakes when the data tells her a campaign did not achieve what she expected. “As a marketer, being able to admit failure is extremely important,” she states. “I cannot allow my ego to get in the way of results. I know I’m going to get it wrong at times and my philosophy is to own it, stop what we are doing, learn from it and then adjust; and keep trying until something works well. When we find a promotion that works, repeat it, mold it, grow it and modify it until it has run its course. It’s about RESULTS.”

The 2 for $2 Apple Turnover promotion was so successful in our Redberry restaurants last summer, the National Burger King team launched it across Canada this year.

Sharron goes on to say, “For our new restaurant launches, we target our marketing to the trade area and the consumer demographic. Our teams pull together to make the Grand Opening Day a huge success with line-ups out the door. It’s been a great kick-off campaign to sustain awareness and sales for the new restaurant even weeks and months after the Grand Opening. These events are so helpful for us to connect with the communities around our Burger King and Pizza Hut restaurants. This is the example from just one of the Pizza Hut Grand Opening Days in Michigan.”

“Our company, the largest Burger King franchisee in Canada, continues to grow the WHOPPER® Wednesday business. Since this is a local marketing initiative, it is not advertised on the national platform (since not all locations in Canada participate). However, for Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, we have continued to build the program through effective marketing including Direct Mail. The program has increased by more than 20% over the past 2 years, with a significant product mix shift that optimizes revenue.”

Sharron’s passion for marketing-that-works and her enthusiasm when she starts talking about making a contribution to the company’s bottom line is contagious. She feels fortunate to work with like-minded co-workers who have a passion for what they do. And as a team leader, she believes that young people with a “can do” attitude who have a passion about results-oriented marketing can be taught sound response marketing strategies.

When not producing RESULTS for her brands, Sharron can be caught travelling the globe. She has seen most corners of Europe and North America, with plans to see much more. When not globe-trotting, Sharron can be found exploring Toronto parks with her dog.