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DMAC’s Certified Digital-First Marketer program is 5 on-line, elite training courses that enables marketing professionals to become digital strategy leaders and C-level marketing experts. 

It gives you the power of:

  • Strategy: Learn how marketing in a digital world is radically different than marketing of the past, learn how to establish strategic brand frameworks for innovation, invigoration and meaningful brand differentiation 
  • Programs: Learn how, through the selling of digital approaches, your programs should be set up, run and budgeted for ROI on all budget spend. 
  • Customer relevancy: Learn how to segment and profile consumers through digital profiling methodologies, capture desired brand context and position your brand the right way
  • Content engagement: Learn how to map annualized brand messaging and stories for long-term brand love-and-loyalty relationships 
  • Insights through Analytics: Learn how to itemize and implement proper measurement metrics for reporting, decision making and budget optimization 

Using the Certified Digital-First Marketer curriculum, DMAC grants a personal designation (CDM) for completion of the 5 course exams. It also includes 10 downloadable white-label templates for immediate application of learning into action.

Becoming a strategic, well-paid, well-respected, A-level marketer just got a whole lot easier…

As a marketer, you’re in a large group of other marketers all seeking to increase a following, drive impact and of course, trying to realize business and financial goals.


You need to stand out.

You need the right tools.

We’re here to help.