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Curriculum outline

All modules are on-line.

Each participant is granted their own unique login to enable flexibility but also specific tracking of learning via individual exams. Upon passing all 5 exams, participants are granted the Digital Marketing Strategist designation.

Program comes with 10 white-label, downloadable templates for immediate application into daily marketing work: statements of work, profiling templates, content planning grids, etc.


Module 1: The Fundamentals of Digital Strategy:

Introduction: The digital reality and digital transformation challenge

Part 1: The marketing history and the rise of e-everything

Part 2: How marketing has changed because of digital and what marketers can do about it

Part 3: Understanding Dialogue age brand engagement and bringing this into your client’s / brand businesses

Part 4: Shaping customer-centric strategies and engaging customers to develop long-term, strategic digital programs


Module 2: Selling Digital programs and not tactics:

Part 1: Understanding the two key sales approaches and when to use them

Part 2: Honing the strategic partner approach for long-term programs using the “insight continuum”

Part 3: The 5 key steps in using an insight-based approach to driving sales and cultural change

Part 4: Implementing change for phased approaches and delivery in digital

Part 5: Understanding and using human-centric action maps for program ROI

Part 6: A walk-through of an actual sales process and customer workshops



“Our digital capabilities had evolved piecemeal and very tactically. Mastering Digital is helping us take control of digital at a more strategic level and leverage that strategic knowledge into a better value proposition for our agency.” 

Dan Dagg. President. HotHouse Marketing.



Module 3: Digital Customer Profiling:

Part 1: Why profiling is critical to achieve changed behavior and results

Part 2: Digital profiling vs. traditional profiling

Part 3: The 5 core facets every profile needs for digital success

Part 4: The profiling process and how to develop profiles for optimal results



Module 4: Digital Content for long-term growth:

Introduction: Content is king

Part 1: Strategic application for digital content

Part 2: Digital content for deeper client engagements, leadership and long-term relationships

Part 3: Application of customer position mapping for client leadership

Part 4: Content planning and execution



Module 5: Analytics & Insights for maximum value:

Part 1: What actually is analytics and why analytics are critical for your agency to succeed

Part 2: The 3 approaches to analytics

Part 3: The rise of analytics 3.0 and how digital marketing is changing

Part 4: 4 tips for agile analytics and selecting the bet fit for your brand’s or agency’s efforts

Part 5: 5 steps to building a best analytic practice for your brand or agency

Part 6: Operationalizing analytics (getting them into your business)

Part 7: Selling analytics as a service and purpose statements for maximum ROI