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New skills. New tools. New outcomes


During the past 16 months, we’ve watched and followed brands, influencers, marketers and agency teams that have completed the Mastering Digital curriculum and 5 consistent key outcomes have shone through:

#1  You’ll be able to harness the knowledge of how marketing has changed because of digital AND how to bring that thinking into client business. 

#2  How to turn that thinking into revenue for your business. Key in the training is not to sell tactics but rather to sell strategy and then, sell the tactics that flow out of the strategy. Not only does this drive massive incremental revenue for an agency, it radically positions your firm as a strategic partner and not a vendor of digital wares. 

#3  How to actually get consumers/target audiences to engage with your digital brand efforts. Millions of dollars has been spent showing that despite the fact that digital marketing is the core activity of today’s brand efforts, actual engagement with digital brands is faltering. Due to this, the next end-point from the training is to teach what you need to do in terms of a digital customer profile. There are 5 universal human-centric “drivers” that can be tapped into to drive real engagement. Students learn what those are, how to identify them, use them and weave them into digital programs to ensure your work has ROI through real engagement. 


“Kevin is a recognized thought leader in the Digital Marketing space. I highly recommend his Mastering Digital Strategy program, which provides a framework for how Marketers can create dialogue and build meaningful relationships with customers in the 21st century, inspiring them to take action. Using his two decades of agency experience, Kevin has crafted a program that intentionally approaches marketing through the lens of an agency / consultant, forcing an “outside-in” look for objectivity. The introduction of digital, has changed the game for Marketing over the last 10 years, and the program provides a comprehensive breakdown of the mechanics of this shift and how businesses can change their strategies to take advantage. It is a 5 hour roadmap to maximize revenue, strategic influence, and outcomes. It has been a delight to meet and work with Kevin, he is an excellent communicator and a great person, with a real energy to achieve progress and drive meaningful business outcomes.”

Simon Chan. President. DigiVue. 2017 LinkedIn Global Goodwill Ambassador.


#4  The next critical endpoint is then applying strategy and profiles INTO content. You learn how to strategically position digital content so that it’s effective, how to map consumers against the 4-quadrent Consumer Awareness:Williness grid and then, what types of content will be required to move a consumer into action. You will also learn how to write an long-term editorial and content plan, how to sell those services and how to drive proper digital-campaign review cycles with your clients to sustain client engagement and fuel on-going agency work. 

#5  The last critical endpoint is analytics / insights. In our data-rich world, agencies need to know what to measure and how to measure it. You also need to know that there are different approaches to data: You learn these but also which approach is best, how to bring it into agency operations so that all departments benefit (copy, creative, accounts, etc.). You learn how to weave this into a profit-center approach that you can get paid for but moreover, how to use data to maintain a power position with clients and yield long-term agency-client loyalty.