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The digital disruption is paramount.

Marketers are facing pressure to perform like never before.




DMAC’s Certified Digital-First Marketer program is a professional training online program for marketers consisting of five one hour modules designed to help you master digital marketing in today’s consumer-centric, digital brand era.

Through this training, you’ll get the critical insights and tools so you can bring an immediate fresh and relevant perspective, powerful marketing and sales innovation, and results-driven work into your marketing and brand campaigns.

Without any doubt, the best marketers of all time have been agency folks: you’ve probably heard of them: Ogilvy, Burnbach, Burnett and so on. 


“Mastering Digital Strategy is extremely relevant…the evolution from tactician to strategist needs to take place.”

Carolyn Tracy. Agile Marketing Director. Sun Life.

It’s therefore 100% intentional that when DMAC decided to enter the education and training marketplace, we decided to treat marketers just like they’re agency members. It works for both agency and brand side marketers giving you the crucial insights and tools so you can bring a fresh perspective, powerful innovation and results-driven work into the business immediately.