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How can you be a Certified Digital-First Marketer

DMAC’s Certified Digital-First Marketer program is a digital business transformation and brand engagement training program. It’s taught from an inside out in perspective to give a customers view as seen by experienced best agency marketers.

In it you’ll learn the 5 fundamental things marketers must  know if they wish to be leaders, change agents and champions in today’s digital world:

  1. A strategic understanding of how digital has permanently changed consumers
  2. How to structure engagement programs (not tactics)
  3. How to build consumer groups based on intrinsic motives
  4. How to voice against motives to satisfy core needs and drive change
  5. How to use analytics for actual insights and convert insights into sustained action. (hence ROI)

“Mastering Digital Strategy is extremely relevant…the evolution from tactician to strategist needs to take place.”

Carolyn Tracy. Agile Marketing Director. Sun Life.