CASL Wize, a DMAC Certification Program


DMAC presents a CASL certification to verify that your organization understands “Best Practices” for the new CASL law. Through a rigorous test we confirm that your organization demonstrates a specified level of knowledge regarding the requirements of the law.

The CASL Compliance Scorecard has been created and updated by DMAC’s president Derek Lackey. As Managing Director of Newport ThomsonDerek is a private sector Trusted Advisor for CASL – Canadian Anti Spam Legislation. He has written “CASL Compliance: A Marketer’s Guide to Email Marketing to Canadians” to help organizations determine what they can do with electronic messaging.

Companies still consider CASL as a recent compliance law that created a permission-based marketing regime that requires consent before sending a commercial electronic message (CEM) that includes text and social media one to one messaging.

As part of the assessment process, our DMAC team will interview and complete a detailed questionnaire to determine if they understand the core issues regarding CASL.

If an organization cannot meet the measures required to be CASL Wize certified, we will detail what changes must be made in order to qualify. Should those those changes be made we would grant the use of the CASL Wize badge on websites and your organization’s promotional literature.


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