Do you know someone who consistently hits it out of the park when it comes to direct or digital marketing?

Are they results focussed and balanced in their approach?

Recognize their contribution by nominating them for the Direct Marketer of the Month for August 2018

We want to hear about direct and digital leaders who have driven real business results, achieved their stated goals and who constantly encourages and inspire other marketers who work with them. Tell us your stories. You can nominate relatives, bosses, clients, we accept all stories so we can pick the 12 best marketers this year – a month at a time. Finalists will be posted on and promoted through the industry via email and direct mail. Nominate your candidate by telling us your story.

For submission inquiries please contact Derek Lackey, President, Direct Marketing Association of Canada at or call him at 416 524 7844

Nominate Your Candidate for Direct Marketer of the Month for August 2018

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